August 22, 2017

Video: Car Attacked Before Ramming Crowd vs. The Narrative

A rare video capture of the Charlottesville ramming incident shows James Fields's car moving slowly and then suddenly being hit very hard by a man with a metal pole before Fields speeds up and hits the crowd. The fact that he was able to hit the back of the car implies that the car was moving slowly when the counter-protester swung the pole. The fact that the pole did not snap indicates that it was probably metal. This all has incredible implications and completely disrupts the false narrative being widely promoted.

I'm not justifying what James Fields did. Even if he feared for his life, that is no excuse for recklessly speeding on a crowded street. But based on this video, there should not have been metal poles or weapons allowed, there should not have been cars driving through angry mobs, and there should not have been antifa and alt-right groups mixing together. These were combined as a recipe for disaster.

If you look for this video at mainstream news sites, you probably won't find it. I saw on the Internet the first day or so after the Charlottesville demonstration and death occurred on August 12, 2017, and have not seen it referenced by any mainstream news source. This video is important, though, because it disrupts the narrative that a white supremacist came to the rally with the premeditated intention of ramming the crowd and it actually underscores that the mayor might hold a great deal more responsibility than initially claimed. I am personally neither alt-right nor antifa, and neither republican, nor democrat, but I do not like to see the country being ripped apart based on false narratives.

The most important video of Charlottesville and James Fields' Car:

August 18, 2017

They Should Probably Replace Confederate Statues With Margaret Sanger Statues

There is a statue of a woman that did her best to exterminate all "negroes" through eugenics abortion and her statue is sitting in the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, that of Margaret Sanger. Her horrific racist goals and quotes are far more egregious than anything Robert E. Lee ever offered. So, where is the angry mob? Oh, wait. She is a demigod that is still being worshipped despite her reprehensible racism.

For every Confederate statue that is removed we should probably set up a statue of Margaret Sanger in its place so that we can display the true heroes of those that dictate the cultural imperative today in the U.S. Shouldn't there be some honesty regarding the true beliefs of the cultural elite while we are on the subject of statues and heroes?

August 16, 2017

There Can Be No 'Hate On Both Sides' In A Totalitarian State

The war of words just keeps on getting escalated. I wonder what the statue of Vladimir Lenin in Washington would say if it could talk? Apparently, statues are extremely powerful all of a sudden and must be immediately destroyed. But what about old Vlad? There are no calls for the destruction of Lenin's statue as a symbol of repressive totalitarianism and mass killings of innocent people, outside of the ethics of war. Perhaps his views are a little too close to Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's? We know now that Hillary was a major fan of Saul Alinsky and that there are at least 22 ways that Obama's America was more in keeping with a socialist state than with U.S. principles.

President Trump's comment that there were hate and blame on "both sides" of the clashes at Charlottesville, Virginia has become a lightening rod used by CNN and other MSM news outlets to keep the attacks on President Trump coming. The fact that Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, holds very anti-white sentiments and was instrumental in fomenting a violent situation holds no value for the narrative. Some people actually believe that African Americans cannot be racist because they believe that only whites can be racist. I'm not kidding. This is just the beginning of the many issues that should probably be discussed.

Contrary to CNN, it's not "stunning" or "remarkable" for Trump to point out that there's hate on both sides and blame for the violence in Charlottesville on both sides of the conflict. Groups of people from both sides basically came ready for a fight, if not looking to start a fight. And both sides made racist comments. The roots of racism are based on both false concepts and ingrained bitterness and ideally these types of issues would be addressed towards healing and unity. Racism is slavery of the mind. And one of the basic needs is to address any denial of racist bitterness and to heal its roots. A war of words will not address the root and will only escalate into more violence. But discussion, healing, peace, and unity are not a part of the progressive agenda.

August 15, 2017

Truth is Made Perfect in Love

Over 50 years ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. commented on the racial divide in the American church: "It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is 11 o'clock on Sunday morning…,". With the problem of racism in America being highlighted from both the left and the right, it can't hurt to look into this issue.

There've been improvements since King made his famous quote on the lack of diversity in U.S. churches, but where are we now? Maybe the question of racism in general for Christians is a good one to reflect on. I'm more interested in raising a dialogue than in making dogmatic claims.

Questions on racist "white privilege" suggest that whites should ensure equality and a level playing field. However, is the demand for repayment of white privilege realistic? Is this more of a sign that there is a bitterness that is unresolved and needs healing?

To one degree or another, I believe that there is some deep underlying bitterness from slavery and the U.S. Civil War that is in need of healing, just as there's also long-standing nationalistic and cultural bitterness in other countries, such as between Ukrainians and Russians.

As far as whites are concerned, there's some cultural racism passed down from generation to generation that is based on false concepts and this probably will only become increased by vandalism, anarchy and the tearing down of Confederate monuments.

While there are no simple answers or easy solutions, Scripture offers wise counsel on the subject of racism and I believe that Starlette McNeill offers good points on this issue, such as this one:

"How we continue to believe that we are worshipping “in spirit and in truth” while maintaining the racialized desires of our heart in God’s holy temple is a question worthy of discussion."

August 14, 2017

Wes Bellamy's Racist Tweets and Quotes

Well, if it seems that a civil war is being agitated in places like Charlottesville, Virginia, we might as well look into who personally is being used as a tool for this. I'd written posts on the underlying causes of racism recently. But it can be helpful to know which politicians are most provoking antagonism and violence in Charlottesville. The web-clip of the Charlottesville government site was taken when this post was written, showing Bellamy still sitting as a public servant in Virginia, despite his incredibly anti-white racist Tweets. This underscores that Charlottesville, Virginia harbors a very anti-white bias in its politicians.

As the MSM news has been harping away on talking points regarding everyone except for those that are actually vocally racist and agitating unrest, let's take a look at who is really responsible behind the scenes, let's take a look at Wes Bellamy, the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville. Based on his self-published quotes, he harbors extreme racism against white people. The language isn't any worse than the average Hollywood movie, but I feel that I should offer a language warning because of the vulgarity of Bellamy's Tweets.

This link describes the background how there were two votes in which Bellamy and Kristen Szakos lost twice in their attempts to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee. Because each vote was a tie, 2 to 2, the statue would stay based on the representative system. But that was not good enough for Bellamy, who apparently continued to oppose the vote results and would not accept the decisions.

The MSM news has been promoting a narrative that white supremacists were responsible for violence in Charlottesville. But, apparently, the main issue originally was simply based on whether to allow the Confederate statue of Lee to remain, which is also an issue of historicity and not just simply a promotion of white supremacy.

The following Tweets were sourced from the Internet, and include link sources.

Racist and Misogynist Tweets by Bellamy:

Racism Reveals Slavery of the Mind


Racism is basically inner slavery. It's based on false concepts. When people say things like "stop hatred" and "end the hate" it shows a focus on the fruit and not the root. In order to address the true cause of racism, it's necessary to look at the basis of ethics and to see if people's views are logical.
One of the ironies of the recent clashes between white supremacists and ant-fa protesters in Charlottesville is that both sides of the same conflict had extremely racist factions. In other words, Nazi whites were racist and Antifa non-whites were also racist. This underscores that there is a very deep and foundational misconception guiding the minds of both sides of this conflict.

While many people are trying to pin the violence in Charlottesville on either whites, Christians, or radical protesters bussed in by George Soros, I'd like to point out that there are much deeper issues at play that have to do with the basis of ethics. When you break it down, it's clear that ethical literacy and self-deception are most serious problems in society today. This outline shows why it's not logical to blame Christian conservatives for this type of violence, and that on the contrary, the basis of Christian ethics is very much against racism.

Racism Reveals Slavery of the Mind

Racism is based on personal slavery to idolatry and self-centered relativist ethics.

True Christian conservatism is based on an objective foundation of ethics.

God's perfect, unchanging and eternal nature is the true objective foundation of ethics.

Therefore, true Christian conservatism has nothing to do with racism.
Today, it's widely taught that ethics are ultimately based on relativistic feelings. In order to address the problem of racism, it's helpful to discuss the true basis of ethics. God's perfect, unchanging and eternal nature is the true objective foundation of ethics. This has been established as the most logical and cohesive explanation of ethics through interactive debates between Christians and atheists. If you look into actual debates with William Lane Craig and top defenders of atheism, you'll see this and understand this subject better.
Albert Mohler went so far as to label racism as a damnable heresy. This is because it is an affront to the value of all God's creation and thereby undermines the gospel to the point where people would be considered as not being worthy of hearing the message:
"But I would argue that racial superiority in any form, and white superiority as the central issue of our concern, is a heresy. The separation of human beings into ranks of superiority and inferiority differentiated by skin color is a direct assault upon the doctrine of Creation and an insult to the imago Dei — the image of God in which every human being is made. Racial superiority is also directly subversive of the gospel of Christ, effectively reducing the power of his substitutionary atonement and undermining the faithful preaching of the gospel to all persons and to all nations."
Hateful racism can originate with a strong root of bitterness that controls the mind and heart. I've touched on this more in another post. Bitterness enslaves both the mind and the heart.
Another side of racism has to do with scientific racism, wherein elite intellectuals believe that there is over population and the "lesser races" should be culled for the sake of the survival of the planet. This view is also based on relativistic ethics and is not in keeping with Christian conservativism. Any form of racism reveals an underlying denial of God as the basis of ethics and these views are necessarily based on a non-cohesive and illogical framework of ethics because there is no ultimate frame of reference without God. You cannot derive "ought from "is" no matter how much wishful thinking is involved. The following article explains this more in depth

Why Science Still Cannot Answer Moral Questions

If you would like to better understand the reasoning behind why powerful people and organizations today are interested in dramatically reducing the world's population based on racism and genetic considerations, the following article can help you to understand their reasoning:
How Richard Dawkins' Evolution Justifies Racism and Genocide

The irony of liberals attempting to pin racism on Christian conservatives is that secular liberalism supports racism in many different facets, from Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sangar to eugenics, and true conservative Christianity is the true and logically cohesive defense of equality based on the objective basis of ethics in God's nature.

Posted by Rick Warden

Tags: What is the basis of racism? Racism is inner slavery, what is the reasoning behind racism, how to end hatred, why Mohler considers racism heresy

August 13, 2017

Answers to the Violence in Charlottesville, Virginia

Note: This is the first article of four on this subject and is mainly an introduction. For the latest articles following this one, see the following articles:
Racism Reveals Slavery of the Mind

Wes Bellamy's Racist Tweets and Quotes

Truth is Made Perfect in Love

There are a lot of questions surrounding the violence this weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Who or what is mainly to blame for the violence?
Was this violence brewing for a long time?
Is this violence mainly President Trump's fault?
Were both sides supporting racism in some form?
Were both factions provoking violence?

A lot of people seem to be trying to pin the actions of white supremacists on all conservatives and all Christians in general. But according to common opinion, the alt-right is not a form of conservativism but is an alternative to it. And any form of Christianity associated with the alt-right is not true Christianity. I will show why in this post.

Lately, there's been an increase of white supremacists waving Nazi flags and Antifa Front supporters calling for violence against whites. They've handed out leaflets since the Trump election with text advocating the killing of all white people: "After the purge, we will live in a worker's paradise..." (attached)

What a mess. The most helpful thing is probably to first look at underlying causes, rather than to simply focus on the violence displayed by both sides of that conflict. The following notes address root causes and are from a separate article that I'd written a while earlier: 

August 11, 2017

Signs of a Good Teacher

A good teacher does not just teach you what to think, but how to think clearly by testing ideas to see if they are true or not. A good teacher knows the love of learning, the inherency of values in everything, and especially the value of dialogue. The love of wisdom leads to foundational questions and ultimately to seeking the logical explanation of our meaningful existence.

The scriptures advocate that we reason together, that we test all things and hold onto what is good, and that we apply our hearts to wisdom as we grow in both grace and knowledge.[1] Ultimately, a good teacher is one that teaches you to love learning and that ultimately you teach yourself, as with the help of the Holy Spirit if you are a regenerated Christian.[2] I remember the school teacher that taught me to love reading and learning, Mr. Bob Petrus. And this life lesson from him was a great gift. I've tried to keep this in mind as I've taught as a missionary in colleges and high schools in Ukraine, and as a missionary pastor. And I try to keep this in mind when teaching about God through the Internet.

Albert Einstein taught at Princeton and his quotes on teaching and learning are insightful:

July 24, 2017

Jonathan Edwards' Gospel And The Great Awakening Paradigm

Before the American Revolution, there was a spiritual phenomenon named the Great Awakening in which the gospel was presented in such an effective manner that people listening would cry out in the middle of the sermons and ask what they must do to be saved. There is only one true gospel, but it can be altered to the point where it is unrecognizable and essentially different. What was the gospel preaching like during the US spiritual Awakenings? How was it similar or different to the paradigm of gospel preaching today and in the book of Acts?

The pattern of the repentance-type preaching of the Awakenings was kept alive in towns such as Ocean Grove, N.J., that was designed as a camp-meeting center, in which a large wooden auditorium still exists. It was a place I used to love to go to when I was younger, a couple of hours away at the shore. I love the beach and was impressed by the small town that was set up as a place for spiritual renewal and revival. There was a sense of God's presence.

The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association (OGCMA) was founded in 1869 with a simple mission to "provide opportunities for spiritual birth, growth, and renewal in a Christian seaside setting." And this ties into these questions that I've been thinking about. It was very powerful to experience concerts and meetings and to be in the midst of such a large group of people seeking God in such a place. The attached post card shows a colorized photo of a historical meeting at Ocean Grove with banners that read: 'HOLINESS TO THE LORD ...SO BE YE HOLY."

While scriptures teach that the Holy Spirit moves unpredictably at various times and in various ways, there are some key points that stand out on the subject of revivals and revivalism and one is the centrality of God's presence and power. The American Awakenings relied on the fact that the Holy Spirit will convict people's hearts of sin when the Word of God is proclaimed prayerfully, purely, and powerfully.[1] This was underscored by a quote of Jonathan Edwards:

"Persons are first awakened with a sense of their miserable condition by nature, the danger they are in of perishing eternally, and it is of great importance to them that they speedily escape and get into a better state… Some are more suddenly seized with convictions-it may be, by the news of others’ conversion, or some thing they hear in public, or in private conference-their consciences are smitten, as if their hearts were pierced through with a dart. Others are awakened more gradually…"[2]

July 03, 2017

Share the Secret of America's Original Greatness on Independence Day

I've been thinking about this holiday and was impressed by some of the spiritual history surrounding the radically innovative concepts introduced in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, that helped codify the desires for a new kind of government.

In the U.S., it seems that we've come more to celebrate fireworks and parade floats on "the 4th," rather than the civil freedoms and the significance of what helped to cause the country to become great, to begin with.

Before there was a rebirth of a nation, there was a rebirth of souls across America. Historically, this great country was preceded by a great awakening, a spiritual awakening. This is the secret of America's original greatness.

"Nathan Hatch argues that the evangelical movement of the 1740s played a key role in the development of democratic thought, as well as the belief of the free press and the belief that information should be shared and completely unbiased and uncontrolled. These concepts ushered in the period of the American Revolution."

John Adams suggested that the spiritual aspects of Independence Day should not be forgotten, along with a deep sense of gratitude to God, in addition to the celebration:

"It ought to be commemorated, as the Day of Deliverance by solemn Acts of Devotion to God Almighty. It ought to be solemnized with Pomp and Parade, with Shews, Games, Sports, guns, Bells, Bonfires and Illuminations from one End of this Continent to the other..." - John Adams' letter to Abigail Adams, July 3, 1776

June 21, 2017

Discerning God's Master Plan in an Age of Deception

What is God's Master Plan and the Main Purpose for Existence?

This question is especially important today because institutional churches are increasingly shifting towards more progressive and humanistic ideas of doctrine that run far afield of what the Bible clearly teaches, all based upon a flagrant disregard for the authority of God's word and the whole counsel of God in the body of scripture. The following summary Bible verses briefly outline the core essence and focus of God's ultimate plan and purpose:

“Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.” (Revelation 4:11 KJV)

"For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory. All glory to him forever! Amen." (Romans 11:36 NLT).

According to the preceding verses, the central and highest meaning and purpose of all existence is to fulfill God's perfect will and to give God maximum glory. Only God is worthy of all praise and glory because God is perfectly good and eternally good. God's eternal and unchanging good nature is the objective basis and solid foundation of ethics and morality. Existence ultimately has a theistic-centered meaning and purpose, not mainly a humanistic-centered meaning and purpose. One of the reasons that Christian teachers get sidetracked with humanistic teachings is because they take a one good thing, such as pleasure or prosperity, and elevate it to a priority or goal of existence inordinately above its rightful position of importance, and in doing so deny the fullness of God's will and the fullness of God's glory. Also, verses such as Revelation 4:11 in the King James Version are often misinterpreted to propose that God is a hedonist. But the phrase "for thy pleasure they are and were created" does not refer to feelings, rather, it refers to God's will. All things were created for God's purposes. C. W. Booth uses Psalm 135 in his article "Is God a Hedonist?" to underscore the correct interpretation.
The purpose of creation in the deepest sense is simply to glorify God, for God's sake. 
Next, consider that God's greatest purpose is exemplified in God's greatest command. Of the Ten Commandments, the first and foremost one exonerates humanity not to worship or prioritize anything else but God as the central focus: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." (Exodus 20:1-3).
Jesus clarified the greatest commandment as follows: “Jesus replied: “ ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”(Matthew 22:37-40). The main purpose of creation is to glorify God with maximum glory, which is the essence of the first and greatest command, to love and worship the person of God above all else.

God's greatest purpose for creation is exemplified in God's greatest command given to humanity.

If we idolize any aspect of God's creation, or any benefit of knowing God, then we are not only missing God's central purpose, we are also disobeying the greatest command of God. If you notice, both the greatest and second greatest commands, according to Jesus, are both others-focused. This is not by accident, but is simply a reflection of God's dynamic glory, the focal point of all that exists. God's good nature and glory were highlighted at the cross, the focal point of all human history.

The work of the cross displays the essence of God's nature and glory, in showing grace and mercy to others, so as to reestablish relationship with God.

June 15, 2017

Video: The Best Debater in the World

Watch the attached video and see if atheist Luke Muehlhauser is correct, who suggested that William Lane Craig is perhaps the best debater in the world. The Global Debate Blog article titled, "Christian Debater Beats all Atheist Opponents" explains as follows:

"William Lane Craig is a prolific Christian philosopher, apologist, author, and public debater. He is the best debater – on any topic – that I’ve ever heard. As far as I can tell, he has won nearly all his debates with atheists. When debating him, atheists have consistently failed to put forward solid arguments, and consistently failed to point out the flaws in Craig’s arguments. I’m not the only one who thinks Craig has won nearly all his debates. For some atheists, it is rather maddening."


Muehlhauser goes on:

"This is especially embarrassing for atheists because Craig’s arguments and debates are easily available, and he uses the same arguments all the time. So it should be easy for atheists to prepare for a debate with Craig."

A good example of William Lane Craig's debate skill and the effectiveness of his basic arguments in favor of God's existence is shown in the following live debate video of Craig debating Christopher Hitchens. The April 4, 2009 Debate between Craig vs. Hitchens was filmed live at Biola University and is available at YouTube. Christopher Hitchens has been considered one of the greatest atheist debaters of our time. He passed away on December 15, 2011, mainly due to cancer developed from his smoking habit.

June 08, 2017

Three Reasons Why Khan's and Britain's New Approach to Terrorism is Both Illogical and Illegal

Incredible. Just after another major terrorist attack in Britain, instead of identifying radical Islam as the most obvious and preeminent threat to their citizenry, London Mayor Sadiq Khan has outlined that he will focus on a task force that is intent upon imprisoning anyone that questions radical Islamic terrorist actions online for "hate crimes" causing "depression" and other reactions from "victims" of criticism. Breitbart outlines: The measures will be “delivered in partnership with social media providers” who along with “specialist officers” will be “filtering and identification of online hate crimes” and “identifying the location of the crime and allocating to the appropriate force…” It's official now in Britain: The terrorists are the victims, and the victims that complain are the terrorists.
Great Britain's "Online Hate Crime Hub" outlines how "specialist officers" will be broadly supported, and it reminds one of the Nazi SS Officers or Soviet KGB thought crime police that could arrest and imprison any citizen at any time for any criticism that they interpret as hateful. And in addition to being ripe for abuse, there are at least three other reasons why this approach is both illogical and illegal:
Three Reasons Why Khan's and Britain's New Approach to Terrorism is Both Illogical and Illegal
1. The reason why terrorists perform terrorism is because they believe that their actions will produce results in their interest. So in capitulating to terrorist wishes for more Islamic control over society in London after a major terrorist attack, Sadiq Khan is actually encouraging more terrorism. 

June 07, 2017

Why New FBI Director Christopher Wray is Perfect for Draining the Swamp

Trump has nominated Christopher Wray as the new FBI director, a former Department of Justice official. Many still don't understand why former FBI Director Comey should have recommended a Grand Jury trial of Hillary Clinton, as related to her gross negligence with classified email. And how Comey failed in his assessment of Clinton's crimes. But this is a new chapter, and hopefully we will see more actual justice overall in the Justice Department than we did with eight years under Barack Obama's rule.

I was happy to learn that Christopher Wray presided over the Enron investigation and the sentencing of Kenneth Lay, the Enron business executive who was convicted of fraud, and who cost 20,000 Enron employees their jobs. The FBI says the Enron probe was the "largest and most complex white-collar investigation" in the agency's history. And this seems to be exactly what we need today, someone interested and specialized in white-collar crimes. This is what THE SWAMP consists of, white collar criminals. Here is an apt quote from the Enron case:

June 03, 2017

Whoopi Goldberg and Other Hollywood Examples of Political and Ethical Illiteracy

Because of their popularity, Hollywood actors are increasingly treated as though they are the high priests of reason and insight when it comes to social and political issues. But when they open up, it's truly shocking what some of these people actually believe and the level of ignorance being proffered to large audiences.

Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has a wide influence on The View and other talk shows, and she openly supports communism. In a 2012 discussion panel on Bill Mayer's show she said this:
“I don't really view communism as a bad thing.” 

You can view the entire discussion on YouTube, where Whoopi implies that the USA represents evil on the same level of evil offered by the most brutal communist regimes in history, if not more so. In answer to this ignorance, I suggest reading about the millions upon millions of people killed in atheistic-communistic regimes for crimes such as believing in God.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore has made millions with his docu-drama films. His personal quotes show that he believes that the earnings of wealthy individuals do not really belong to them, but belong to the state. Ironically, like many self-styled socialist-communist leftists, there is no evidence that he is voluntarily giving money away in proportion to the money that he has taken in profits:

"They're sitting on the money, they're using it for their own -- they're putting it someplace else with no interest in helping you with your life, with that money. We've allowed them to take that. That's not theirs, that's a national resource, that's ours. We all have this -- we all benefit from this or we all suffer as a result of not having it," Michael Moore told Laura Flanders of GRITtv.

Michael Moore is presently promoting his (for profit) Broadway show "The Terms of My Surrender" ...on facebook, "to bring down a sitting president." He implies that voting methods are outdated and that he wants to use other methods to try to overthrow the president: “...the old ways no longer work,” says Moore, “But a million men (and women) in the streets - that works." Moore's vision is in keeping with Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, a book that Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis on and then tried to keep secret from her politics.

Moore likes to identify himself with communism.  He recently directed a Prophets of Rage Music Video titled, "Unf— the World" - with flashy communist-style symbols of red stars and raised clenched fists. Moore said in a statement that he is, “thrilled to once again be working with my old friends and comrades in the struggle for a just world.” Communism usually does not bring greater justice, however, as the record shows. The political illiteracy does not end there.

May 12, 2017

US World Summit on Persecuted Christians

Did you know that approximately 100,000 Christians are violently killed annually because of their faith?

The 2017 World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians, May 10-13, offers something to think about, pray about and share news about. These saints that suffer and die daily are precious in God's eyes, and are treated as the off-scouring of the world. Christians from 136 countries attended this summit, and affirmed that it is not merely a feel-good meeting, nor a meeting to merely bring awareness, but an attempt also to bring legal relief and defense against the crime of genocide as targeted specifically against Christians in countries such as Iraq.

Did you know that approximately 100,000 Christians are violently killed annually because of their faith, according to a Vatican testimony to the UN? That is enough to fill Ohio Stadium or Wembly Stadium. And according to the World Evangelical Alliance, over 200 million Christians are denied fundamental human rights because of their faith. Of the 100-200 million Christians under assault, the majority are persecuted in Muslim-dominated nations. Christians are the most allegedly persecuted with 80% of all acts of religious discrimination being directed at Christians who only make up 33% of the world's population.

If it seems strange to you that all of the attention is focused on Muslim migrants while the group suffering the most are Christians being killed in Muslim countries, then you might want to learn more about the type of  identity politics displayed by the United Nations and the European Union.

The World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians was actually sponsored by the US Government and has a government web page. Vice President Pence underscored that President Trump did not mince words with politically correct speech: "He calls them by name, radical Islamic terrorists," The Christian Times explains, "Practitioners of terror harbor a special hatred for followers of Christ, and none more so than the barbarians known as ISIS," Pence continued. Unlike attitudes of former President Obama and the United Nations, genocide is identified and used as a valid label by Pence: "Isis... is guilty of nothing short of genocide against people of the Christian faith and it is time the world called it by name."

May 09, 2017

Islam, the EU, and the Death of European Democracy - What you Need to Know

“We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter." - Denis Diderot

This classic quote by French philosopher Diderot was exemplified in the recent landslide victory in France by Emmanuel Macron May 7, 2017. His election win seemed to have been based upon the false claim, and widely promoted propaganda, that he was the candidate best representing "democracy" for France. In reality, Macron's platform consisting of an unconditional open-door policy to Islamic takeover and full unconditional surrender to the EU most likely represents a death blow to democracy in France. The actual populace position, as was the case with Brexit, was presented by Le Pen. It is quite difficult, however, to win an election against a tide of government censorship of real news and a proliferation of false news propaganda.

This article will probably challenge much of what you have seen on the mainstream news, if you watch that regularly. But try to keep an open mind and follow-up any disbelief with your own research. The recent French election highlights a number of important key issues that pertain to all of us. The phrase "Islamo-Leftism" was coined in France and gives a sense of the irrational nature of what has been occurring politically, not just in France, but around the globe. 
1. Islamic Takeover Does not Allow for a Practical Democracy.
2. The EU is a Functioning Dictatorship, by Decree.
3. Islamo-Leftism is Exploited Towards a UN New World Order

April 09, 2017

Palm Sunday Prophecies Fulfilled by Messiah, and Robert Anderson's Discovery

Palm Sunday outlines how the Messiah arrived as king humbly, riding on a donkey into Jerusalem, and fulfilling prophecies written hundreds of years before his birth:

"Rejoice greatly, Daughter Zion! Shout, Daughter Jerusalem! See, your king comes to you, righteous and victorious, lowly and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey."

"Know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the commandment to restore and to build Jerusalem unto the Messiah the Prince shall be seven weeks, and threescore and two weeks: the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times. And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for Himself" (Daniel 9:24-26).
If you aren't familiar with Scotland Yard's Sir Robert Anderson's description of the Daniel prophecy, linked here, it is very interesting! Through meticulous research, he determined that the precise historical day that Messiah entered Jerusalem was the the same day predicted in Daniel 9:24-26.

Anderson's book on this subject, The Coming Prince, is linked here.